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City of Vancouver Planning 101

The achievements of planning are celebrated in October with National Community Planning Month.

Held on 18 October, in recognition of National Community Planning Month, the City of Vancouver Planning 101 event provided attendees with an overview of the basic principles of urban planning and how they shape communities. Held at the Vancouver Community Library, attendees of the event included high school students; developers and realtors; a planning director from Canby, Oregon; environmental group leaders; neighborhood association leaders; a U.S. Coast Guard officer; City of Vancouver transportation staff; and interested community members.

Presenter and BergerABAM planning lead, Don Hardy, discussed community planning and growth management at the event. He focused on the importance of choice that community planning provides, including what population to plan for over the next 20 to 40 years and why good planning is required to maintain quality of life and accommodate new residents, along with the need to provide housing and employment opportunities. Don stressed that the development of the comprehensive land use plan will need to identify where new development will occur to ensure housing and job lands are available and infrastructure is in place to support these goals. He also spoke of the need to develop design standards for residential areas to assure compatibility issues between different types and densities of housing, and the importance of factoring development enhancers from new developments in the Vancouver community since the last comprehensive plan update in 2003, such as the Columbia River Crossing and Interstate 5 Discovery Corridor development plans.

Don then provided a number of examples of how citizens can become involved in the next Clark County comprehensive plan update from 2014 to 2016 and asked attendees to help shape the future by providing input on those things they value in their community. His discussion was followed by two presentations on how the local permitting process works and economic development efforts in the community.

The entire event was filmed by Clark Vancouver Television for rebroadcasting. Click here to watch the coverage online.