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The Problem with Engineering…

The 2013 commemorative poster for National Engineers Week.

…Is that without it, you wouldn’t have much of a life. It’s a branch of science that—like the medical field—is filled with people who enable you to do what you need to do to live your life in comfort and convenience. Without engineering, it would be harder to get to your job, harder to do your job, and harder simply to live.

Engineering is a type of science called “applied science,” defined as using scientific knowledge for practical purposes. That bridge you travel over to get to work? An engineer designed that. The car you drove over that bridge? An engineer designed it as well. The hydroelectric power plant and electrical grid that sends power to heat your home on a cold winter’s night or cool it in high summer temperatures? Engineers have a hand in designing and maintaining those grids. Sewer systems, so you don’t have to dig ditches in your back yard like people used to do in the olden days? Yes, those too. From the machines that make the pens you hold in your hand, to the building you work in, engineers have been the movers and shakers in the creation and improvement of pretty much everything that keeps civilization going and progressing on a day-to-day basis.

Without engineering, people would still be living in the Stone Age. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about engineering, but here’s a way…

February 17 through 23, 2013 is National Engineers Week, sponsored by the National Engineers Week Foundation (NEWF), an organization housed within the National Society of Professional Engineers. NEWF’s mission is “to sustain and grow a dynamic engineering profession by leveraging the common outreach interests of our corporate, professional society, academia, and government partners; expanding the pool of innovative engineers by seeding and nurturing a diverse future engineering workforce through K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education outreach initiatives; and engaging the public to see, touch, and embrace engineering through year-round innovative programming and celebration.” To that effect, NEWF has established National Engineers Week to acknowledge and promote the contributions of engineers to our society and the world as a whole.