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Extreme Crossings and New Technologies

At 7,578 feet long, the SR 520 floating bridge in Seattle, Washington, is the longest floating bridge in the world.

The sixth international symposium on Strait Crossings will be held in Bergen, Norway, on 16 to 19 June. Organized by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the symposium will focus on new and environmentally friendly alternative solutions to connect extreme strait crossings. Impacts to social development, environment, total energy consumption, and traffic safety issues will also be examined.

BergerABAM President and Chief Executive Officer Arnie Rusten will present his paper on the State Route 520 Floating Bridge (SR 520 Bridge) and Landings project at the symposium. He will also chair and moderate another team presentation on bridges. Bergen, Norway, is sister city to Seattle and has more than just a Scandinavian heritage in common. Bergen is a land of deep fjords similar to those of Puget Sound with towns and cities also connected by ferries and bridges. The SR 520 Bridge is known worldwide as a significant bridge project. As project participants in the SR 520 Bridge, as well as in bridge concept studies and liquid natural gas propulsion in Norway, BergerABAM is well situated to bring its experience and knowledge to this international symposium.