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Smarter Site Design with SiteOps

SiteOps software allows engineers to better identify cost-effective solutions to the complicated and costly process of site development.

BergerABAM was an early adopter of SiteOps Site Optimization Software, the latest innovation in site civil engineering. Created to aid in the swift identification of cost-effective solutions for site development, SiteOps enables civil engineers to review multiple site plans and associated grading schemes in a few hours instead of weeks or months.

The SiteOps design process can begin with as little as a proposed site. Using the provided geographic information system topographic information or imported AutoCAD-surveyed topography, the designer can begin to build parking areas, buildings, storm drainage features, and access roads in minutes. Because parking areas are laid out by SiteOps, complete with landscaping areas, accurate parking area counts can be determined as quickly as the parking area extents can be drawn. Likewise, buildings can be introduced from the SiteOps import library or drawn on screen. Buildings immediately work with the drawn parking areas with transition areas shown with sidewalks, drive-aisles, or other user-chosen amenities. All site plan elements are editable and movable to allow the review of various site plans in a matter of a few hours.

Each site plan can also be graded based on predefined grading requirements to show cut and fill areas and quantities of material for each scenario. As the grading routine is running, users can view the cost of the site preparation changing based on the thousands of grading scenarios tested. Construction costs are determined based on unit costs preloaded into SiteOps and are fully editable by the design team. As quantities of materials change with each site plan and grading scenario, construction costs are constantly updated.

The use of SiteOps provides immeasurable benefits to clients by providing a smarter way to identify site design solutions.