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Winning for Sustainability: Pendleton Avenue Widening and Multiway Boulevard Project

Multiway boulevards help to balance the increasing demands of roadways, parking, pedestrian amenities, bicycle access, business/retail access, and the environment.

Inspired by multiway boulevards from Paris, Italy, to California, the Pendleton Avenue Widening and Multiway Boulevard project is one of only two multiway boulevards that currently exist in the state of Washington. The project is over 7,100 linear feet of roadway improvements and is center stage for a beautifully landscaped corridor reminiscent of European grand boulevards of past and present. Pendleton Avenue, as a “great street,” accommodates energy-efficient, mixed-use development, encourages safe walkability and livability, and intelligently meets the needs of a growing urban community. Sustainability improvements include rain gardens, pervious pavers, stormwater infiltration, LED lighting, pedestrian amenities, and a special focus on American with Disabilities Act improvements, due to its disproportionately large number of disabled residents.

Supporting more than 100,000 families and retirees, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is considered the state’s seventh largest city in Washington and the largest employer in Pierce County, by far. In fact, it is the second largest employer in the state. In an effort to accommodate growth and improve livability at JBLM, the project team transformed the typical roadway into a six-lane multiway boulevard. This multiway boulevard separates through-vehicle traffic from adjacent parking and local access lanes, offers wide tree-lined sidewalks, provides separated bicycle facilities, and integrates many low impact development strategies.

On 16 October 2015, the Society of American Military Engineers awarded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, and BergerABAM the 2015 Design Excellence Silver Award for sustainability in the large business category.