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Pleasant Valley Pedestrian Bridge Wins Project of the Year Award

Award-winning steel pedestrian bridge.

The Pleasant Valley Pedestrian Bridge connects Washington State University’s Vancouver campus with Pleasant Valley Community Park. BergerABAM was hired by Fabrication Products to perform engineering calculations on the 180-foot-long weathering steel pedestrian bridge.

BergerABAM was the engineer-of-record for the bridge itself and although the team was not responsible for the abutment or pier design, they nevertheless had to be very mindful and creative to detail the connections to allow for easy assembly in the field—within a 1/4-inch precision to fit on the abutments and piers. This 180-foot-long, 8-foot-wide, three-span warren truss bridge was shipped in three segments, assembled on site, lifted in one segment, and lowered into place. The bridge’s location serves as a link to a multi-use path from the Washington State University campus and is designed for pedestrian live-loading dynamics along with 90 pounds per square foot of uniform live load, 1,000-pound point load at midspan because of the potential for collision of debris in the creek, and seismic and wind effects.

Fabrication Products’ first bidder-designed steel pedestrian bridge turned out to be an award-winner. In 2015, the Pleasant Valley Pedestrian Bridge won the American Public Works Association Project of the Year award in the category of “structures less than $5 million.”


The bridge is an absolute wonder. We walk through the bridge often and there to enjoy the view. No wonder it got the honorable award as it deserves every bit of it.