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The César E. Chávez Campus—Modern, Innovative, Functional, and Award-Winning

The new Cesar Chavez campus serves twice as many students as the original campus.

The new César Chávez campus is a refreshing addition to the Barrio Logan community, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego, California—that is also rich in history and culture. Although its architecture conveys a modern look that offers a sense of revitalization to the community, aesthetic components were incorporated into the César Chávez building’s design that stay true to all that Barrio Logan represents.

In addition to aesthetics, safety was also a high priority during design. In sync with its urban setting, the area is highly congested and constantly bustling with activity. Pedestrian safety, paired with minimal disruptions to regular routines, was of utmost importance during construction of the campus and ultimately achieved.

Part of the San Diego Community College District’s continuing education program, the César Chávez campus offers prospective students affordable educational options with programs tailored to meet the needs of the diverse Barrio Logan community. English as a Second Language and preparatory classes for the General Education Diploma are just two programs, among the many others, with instructional courses that take place in each of the 22 classrooms on campus.

To coincide with its busy location, safe and easily accessible transportation to and from the campus is available with a bus stop and trolley station at opposite ends of the building. A well-lit parking garage accommodates students who drive to and from classes, ensuring their safety so they can attend classes with a peace of mind.

In modern-day building design, sustainability is always taken into account. The César Chávez campus was no exception with a high standard of sustainability a major goal of the project. The building’s design exceeded state building efficiency standards by a near 15 percent, and plumbing fixtures were designed to use 40 percent less water compared to a typical building. Keeping the landscape in top form is naturally a high priority and to keep it highly efficient, sensible irrigation was installed that reduces the need for watering by nearly 50 percent compared to a typical building. Because of this high conscientiousness to sustainability, the building was awarded a LEED Silver certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Recently the César Chávez campus was awarded the 2016 Project of the Year Award from the American Public Works Association, San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter. The project was recognized for its commitment to incorporating cultural aesthetics to the building’s design, sustainability, safety, and functionality, while staying within the project’s budget and meeting schedule requirements.