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BergerABAM Garners Project of Excellence Gold Award

Each gold winner receives this rotating trophy with firm name permanently engraved.

On 14 October 2016, the Society of American Military Engineers awarded BergerABAM’s P-990 Explosives Handling Wharf 2 (EHW-2) project with its Project of Excellence Gold Award in the Large Business Category. This extremely complex facility had to accommodate such design challenges as proximity to another existing facility, the necessity of developing a design solution for varying levels of mudline, a seismically active zone, the structural interactions of the wharf and wharf cover, and two very large bridge cranes that had to remain safe during and after an earthquake, among other additional design factors.

The highly complex design of EHW-2 incorporated a number of innovative design elements to ensure the facility is cost-effective, functionally efficient, and environmentally responsible. Some of these design elements include the following.

• The use of a lead rubber-bearing system for lateral resistance for more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
• Precast deck elements to reduce the difficult and expensive cast-in-place concrete elements in the main and warping wharf decks and to increase the speed of construction.
• The use of composite submarine camels to improve corrosion resistance, reduce maintenance, and reduce overall life-cycle costs.
• Improved stormwater collection and treatment. Stormwater in the overwater portions of trestles and warping wharf is captured and conveyed to on-site water quality catch basins located at various points along the trestles and warping wharf, where the water is treated before it is discharged.
• Consideration for migrating fish habitats and local mammal and bird habitats.
• Consideration for local tribal cultural and economic resources.
• Security requirements that demanded special lighting while offering a 20 percent operational cost savings in energy use.

BergerABAM’s team approach to this challenging project design promoted a cooperative, solution-oriented atmosphere that developed and continued throughout the project, allowing for a rigorous, yet collegial, process for this accelerated design.