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Port of Toledo Haul-out Pier – Growing the Local Economy

The Port of Toledo boatyard improvements and haul-out pier project is an excellent example of design and construction efficiency.

The Port of Toledo—the port authority for Toledo, Oregon—serves an area that includes the small cities of Toledo (population 3,462) and Siletz (population 1,212), as well as a large area of unincorporated Lincoln County, with facilities located along the Yaquina River. While many small towns have struggled and been left behind as the economy has improved, the Port made the positive move to obtain a ConnectOregon grant to improve their infrastructure and increase their variety of services to develop and sustain the area’s economy. To do this, the Port decided to improve their boatyard and construct a new 600-ton mobile boat hauler (MBH) pier, remove their existing service pier and floating dry dock, and replace several guide piles for their floating dock.

BergerABAM—working with Bergerson Construction of Astoria, Oregon—completed the design-build boatyard improvements for the Port. First, the team refined the replacement program by producing a 30 percent design and by establishing a guaranteed maximum price for the work. Part of the program refinement included assisting the Port with obtaining modifications to their existing permits. The Port had obtained permits for a 300-ton MBH, but had decided to build a facility with a 600-ton capacity, which would require significantly more in-water structure and reinitiating consultation with the permitting agencies (normally a lengthy process). BergerABAM’s extensive experience with in-water construction allowed the team to lobby successfully for a permit revision to include additional piling and received the new permit in an unusually quick 30 days.

Phase 2 of the project included final design and construction. The centerpiece of the project is the new 600-ton MBH pier. Allowing the Port to haul out huge displacement vessels up to 120 feet long, the new haul-out pier has transformed the Port of Toledo’s boatyard into a world-class facility capable of servicing most of the fishing vessels of the Pacific Coast’s distant water fleet. The design of the new pier incorporated the existing timber bulkhead into the final arrangement by removing the surcharge on the bulkhead, saving construction time and dollars.

The lift and the pier are capable of hauling out boats twice the length of the one featured in the following video. This is a significant improvement for the Port and a new economic engine for the Toledo area.