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Container Terminal Design Improvements Presented at Terminal Operations Conference

(From left to right) Jyotirmoy Sircar, BergerABAM senior project engineer, with Jacques Kerguelen, marketing consultant to BergerABAM.

The 17th edition of the Terminal Operations Conference (TOC) Americas was held in Lima, Peru, on 17 to 19 October. The 2017 TOC Americas was broken up into three different conference tracks; one track called TECH TOC brought together port and terminal operators, equipment and technology vendors, and the engineering community to discuss current challenges and new advancements in the industry. BergerABAM had a booth at the conference, and Jyotirmoy Sircar, senior project engineer, gave a presentation.

Jyotirmoy presented on how the design optimization of Port of Singapore Authority’s Phase 2 container yard design in Rodman Terminal in Panama benefited overall efficiency. The presentation theme was in line with the overall approach to improving terminal efficiency as seen from the perspective of the stakeholders and participants.

Currently under construction with a scheduled soft opening date of early 2018, the Phase 2 container yard construction at the Rodman Terminal incorporated design improvements provided by the BergerABAM design team. When compared to the original design done by other consultants, BergerABAM’s design resulted in efficient operations and capital investment savings.

As Jyotirmoy discussed in his presentation, some of the design accomplishments included the following.
• Optimizing the earthworks, reclamation, and ground improvement program to work better with the local site conditions.
• Resorting to a repeatable, heavy-duty concrete paving program thereby eliminating costly mix-and-match pavement design materials.
• Simplifying the drainage system by implementing a sheet flow system allowing the design to make best use of the local geography.
• Coordinating the existing terminal features, including the existing operational Phase 1 container yard.

By identifying and implementing these cost-saving techniques at an appropriate time without losing sight of the overall masterplan, BergerABAM was able to produce a terminal design that was more contractor friendly and less expensive for the owner to build and maintain.
To view Jyotirmoy’s presentation slides and the other presentations from this year’s TOC Americas conference, visit