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Recognizing Women in the Transportation Industry

BergerABAM was a proud sponsor and attendee of the WTS Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala.

On 1 March 2018, the Puget Sound Chapter of Women in Transportation (WTS) held its Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala in Seattle, Washington. The gala is an opportunity to recognize the efforts being made to reduce the gender gap in the transportation sector, to award the pioneering women who’ve made leaps and bounds in the transportation industry and to celebrate their impressive careers, and to honor the women who were granted scholarships. Companies, employers, and advocates from across the Puget Sound came together to raise money for scholarship funds to ladies from all walks of life, graduating from high school, heading into graduate school, and supporting graduate school research.

WTS provides professional development for women, including leadership programs, mentoring, and scholarships, and organization that empowers women in the transportation industry by connecting them with opportunities and recognition. The gala created opportunities to talk about innovation, sustainable practices, growth in the transportation sector, and honest dialogue about getting more girls involved.

WTS’s goals are to attract, sustain, connect, and advance women’s careers to strengthen the transportation industry by working under a specific vision with core values, goals, and guiding principles behind all of its activities and programs.

Amanda Schweickert, project engineer at BergerABAM, attended this year’s gala. “Participation in the WTS Fundraising Gala and other professional groups is a great opportunity to be mentors in our industry and to share what careers are out there. When you’re trying to figure out what you want to do, it helps to be exposed to careers. If you don’t know a certain job exists, how will you know you want it?” Schweickert said.

“WTS does great work to inspire women in the transportation industry – which is an important infrastructure element. The events, such as the gala and other programs, provide a way to connect with others in the transportation industry for both education, networking, and fun,” said BergerABAM senior project manager, Sue Johnson.

Overall, the gala provided an inspiring opportunity to be in a place full of professionals, women and men, striving towards lessening the gender gap through productive conversations, collaboration, promotion, and support around women in transportation. The gala is a place to pass the torch from giants in the transportation industry to future leaders and learners. The money raised went towards supporting those starting their education in transportation.