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Being Prepared - For the Next 10 Years with the Boy Scouts of America

“School’s out for the summer.”

When the Boy Scouts of America’s Cascade Pacific Council, #492, opens their Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark for the summer, boys and girls from ages 8 through 13 in both Oregon and Washington states can’t wait to start rock climbing, boating, biking, target practice, and exploring the 2 miles of scenery on the private beach south of Cape Lookout, Oregon.

The Cascade Pacific Council provides youth development programs to families and community organizations in 18 counties of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. With their purpose of preparing young people for a lifetime of leadership, they needed to plan for future improvements at their youth camps (Meriwether and Clark) located in Tillamook County, Oregon. As a result, they turned to BergerABAM to assist with master planning and permitting their next 10 years of improvements.

The anticipated improvements included significant upgrades to existing camp facilities to provide a better level of amenities to camp patrons, serve special events, and provide accommodations for the activities of the Cascade Pacific Council 300 enthusiastic camp counselors and registered adult leaders. They serve as handicraft assistants, sports instructors, shooting sports supervisors, trading post managers, facilities maintenance and food service staff, natural sciences and Scout skills instructors, and lifeguards.
With these drivers in mind, BergerABAM updated the master plan and prepared the master plan permit application to complete the planned improvements. The updated master plan proposed a variety of alterations to existing facilities and new uses, including updated campsites, new/repaired guest and staff cabins, replaced shower facilities, and new/updated recreational facilities, such as shooting ranges, aerial adventure courses, zip-lines, bike trails, and a BMX skills course.

The land use application submitted to Tillamook County addressed alterations to existing as well as new uses. Improvements to existing uses included infrastructure improvements (parking lots, water system, and storage), recreation and camping facilities, such as remodeled shooting ranges, repaired staff cabins, upgraded campsites, relocated ranger facilities, and remodeled lodges. New uses included replacing the staff shower house, new cabins for guests, a welcome center/ranger house, and a variety of recreational and educational facilities, including BMX bike facilities, mountain bike trails, zip-lines, aerial confidence course, hiking trails, an ecology center and teaching stations trail. The master plan permit application included permit narratives describing all uses and demonstrating compliance with the County’s code and associated master plan graphics depicting existing and proposed conditions at the camp.

The Tillamook County planning commission unanimously approved the master plan permit providing the Boy Scouts of America with a level of certainty for the next 10 years of growth at the camps in support of their initiative to do things that better individuals, strengthen relationships, and support communities. BergerABAM’s ability to fast track the permitting process allowed the first improvements - food storage building, host cabin, and upgraded shooting range - to be completed prior to the 2018 camping season.