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From Vision to Reality – Celebrating Main Street in Bothell

The Bothell community gathers at the intersection of Main Street and 101st Street for the Main Street Enhancement Project ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo credit: City of Bothell, Young Reflections Photography

On Saturday, 28 April 2018, members of the community, including public officials and business owners, gathered in the city of Bothell to celebrate the completion of the Main Street Enhancement Project. The celebration kicked off with a ribbon-cutting at the intersection of Main Street and 101st Street, followed by speeches from the City Mayor, Andy Rheaume, and a representative from the Transportation Improvement Board.

Main Street in Bothell is over 100 years old and home to several diners and shops reminiscent of the era. From the onset of the project, it was an important part of the overall vision to preserve this historic downtown streetscape. The enhancement project included travel lane reconstruction, utilities replacement, parking reconfiguration, and sidewalk improvements to provide a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere while maintaining smooth traffic flow through the area. The enhancements incorporated concepts of urban design and landscape architecture that upheld the area’s historic charm, yet also captured the community’s vision for future downtown Bothell.

Signature features of the project are the integrated public gathering spaces, wider pedestrian sidewalks, and safer and easier access to local businesses. These updates to the amenities and urban elements were designed with the intent to boost economic health in the commerce district within the downtown core.

BergerABAM, along with some local businesses, sponsored the ribbon-cutting event. The City’s Public Works Department organized kid-friendly entertainment, including a bouncy house, fire trucks, and bulldozers for children to explore, as well as live music. The event was well attended by the public; it was evident by the level of community involvement that there was a great deal of appreciation and excitement surrounding the completion of the project, which the City hopes will attract new visitors to Bothell in the near future.


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