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Engineer Volunteers 475 Hours for King County Explorer Search and Rescue

Jennifer Davis leads the rescue team handling the stretcher by telling them where to go and warning them of tripping hazards, such as rocks and tree roots.

Corporate social responsibility is important to BergerABAM and our corporate partners. Employees of BergerABAM and Louis Berger have the opportunity to log their volunteer hours for the chance to win $500 for a charity of their choice. Jennifer Davis, an engineer in our Public Works and Transportation Department, won by clocking 475 hours volunteering with King County Explorer Search and Rescue, where she donated the award money.

The Explorer team is one of eight search and rescue units in King County, focused on responding to incidents involving lost or injured hikers, hunters, and children. They also can assist the Sheriff’s office with evidence searches. The volunteer-run organization is entirely funded by donations.

Jennifer decided to start volunteering five years ago. Originally, she was interested in disaster response, but learned she didn’t want to wait for a natural disaster to put her training to use. Once she joined King County Explorer Search and Rescue, she completed six months of training in first aid, navigation, CPR, search and rescue techniques, and other advanced skills. She has volunteered on evenings and weekends ever since.
“I like the teamwork and having a goal that we go accomplish together,” Jennifer says.

Of her 475 hours volunteered this year, she estimates approximately half of those hours were mission response. The other half were spent keeping up with her required skills training and learning more advanced skills. Two years ago, Jennifer became a field team leader, giving her the additional responsibility of managing a single assignment team, which typically consists of three to seven volunteers. This year, she is working towards being able to manage several teams on a search and rescue mission.