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May 2012

Cruising towards a Brighter Economy

Icy Strait Point is located 35 miles west of Juneau, Alaska.

Nestled in the northern half of Chichagof Island of southeast Alaska, the city of Hoonah is a historical gem with a rich Native American influence and breathtaking scenery. Hoonah, a small community of approximately 850 residents, faced economic hardship when the timber industry declined in the 1990s. Hopes for steady employment were dim and the city’s population dropped. However, in 2004, the city’s economic outlook became brighter with the addition of a cruise ship port just one-and-a-half miles away at Icy Strait Point.

Creating a Center for the Community

The Vancouver Community Library is expected to attract a million visitors per year.

Located in downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Community Library enhances the city’s revitalization by providing a center for the community, aimed at bringing users to the facility and expanding the library’s existing services.

Recognizing the ongoing transformation in how District patrons consume books and media, the design of the new building can adapt and respond to the evolving nature of library services. The building’s four-story atrium, Early Learning Center for patrons 5 and younger, flexible indoor and outdoor meeting and presentation spaces, and outdoor terrace offering unobstructed views of Columbia River and Mount Hood demonstrate the community's commitment to excellent public spaces. The new library contains over twice the square footage of the former building and was designed to maximize the use of natural daylight.

Innovative Features Incorporated into Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar

The project was recently awarded the American Society of Civil Engineers 2011 Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Award.

When the designs for the Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar – Joint Regional Correctional Facility Southwest in San Diego, California, were set into motion, the U.S. Navy wanted a facility that steered clear of the plain and unattractive exterior that is characteristic of brigs. Before the brig’s completion in May 2011, the BergerABAM team, responsible for civil engineering design, was able to grant the Navy’s wish by incorporating architectural features unique to this particular brig by using contrasting materials and breaks in the plane of the exterior.

Sustainable Solutions Incorporated into Parish Center

With its shiny copper dome and 24,000 square feet of space for its parish community, The St. Therese of Carmel Parish Center in San Diego’s Carmel Valley is a sight for the sorest of eyes. Construction of this one-story majestic facility was completed in September 2011 and wasn’t without its challenges. The final phase of development managed by BergerABAM’s San Diego office included the parish hall, a chapel for mass, and administrative offices. Because of the busy activity at the existing school campus, disruption due to construction during this final phase had to be kept at a minimum.