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June 2012

Rebalancing the Use of Resources

This plant incorporated environmentally friendly practices to transform an underused asset into a modern building.

The City of Gresham is located east of Portland, Oregon, and is the fourth largest city in the state. Gresham government and community are continually working together implementing programs recognized for their innovative leadership in sustainable practices.

A hallmark of a sustainable project is the ability to reduce impact on the environment by lowering the quantity of needed new materials or reducing the need to eliminate existing materials. With this in mind, when the City required additional space for office and educational purposes at their wastewater treatment facility, they looked to their first structure used to treat wastewater; a mothballed 1950s era primary digester building. After an initial evaluation to determine the cost, benefit, and possibility of rehabilitating the building for new uses, the City decided to transform the outdated, yet sound, process building into an environmental interpretive and personnel training center, administrative offices, and secure City archives facility.

Ride the RapidRide

RapidRide buses are energy-efficient, low-emission hybrid diesel-electric powered vehicles.

In November 2006, King County voters approved the Transit Now Initiative, a measure that sponsors Metro Transit’s plan to keep pace with regional growth and the general public’s increasing support for sustainable transportation alternatives. Under the approved initiative, Metro is increasing RapidRide/BRT (bus rapid transit) service, a provision that builds on Metro’s traditional bus service with modernization and added convenience/efficiency components.

Housing the Few and the Proud for Decades to Come

The project was awarded a 2012 Project of the Year Award by the San Diego/Imperial Chapter of APWA.

Marines housed in the new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, now reside in a more than humble abode. Boasting a modern design, one goal of the state-of-the-art,
483,573-square-foot, energy-efficient complex is to enhance the quality of living for enlisted Marine Corps personnel. Another goal is longevity and sustainability. With a 50-year life-span in mind for the quarters, careful consideration was given to all design decisions to ensure the finished buildings withstand the next five decades.

Protecting Oregon’s Waterways

BergerABAM’s Portland and Vancouver offices do a waterbody good by participating in the Adopt-A-River program.

With summer here, many of us will be visiting rivers, lakes, and streams to cool off during the warmer temperatures. Protecting these areas from unsightly litter and preserving these natural habitats is one way we can make this experience more enjoyable for everyone. The Oregon Adopt-A-River program, a partnership between SOLVE and the Oregon State Marine Board, was established as a result of a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature to address litter problems on the state’s waterways.