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June 2013

Geomatics: Measuring Reality

The portability of the FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner system allows the rapid capture of geometrically correct point clouds.

While the definition of geomatics is the scientific practice of three-dimensional (3-D) measurement, mapping, and visualization, you might also say it’s surveying on technological and scientific steroids. Combining the disciplines of geodesy and geoinformatics, geomatics maps the earth in four dimensions: height, width, depth, and through time. In essence, it measures physical reality. The results from geomatics are painstakingly accurate, down to millimeters instead of feet, and changes to the environment can be recorded in real time.

XXII Latin American Congress of Ports

The Latin American Congress of Ports conference will held in Bogotá, Colombia.

Organized by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), the Latin American Congress of Ports will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, from 25 to 28 June. Founded in 1912, AAPA represents the far-reaching public ports of the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The event promotes the growth of international trade through rivers and maritime routes by providing an opportunity for discussion among port authorities and services providers on issues related to sector activities around the world.

Extreme Crossings and New Technologies

At 7,578 feet long, the SR 520 floating bridge in Seattle, Washington, is the longest floating bridge in the world.

The sixth international symposium on Strait Crossings will be held in Bergen, Norway, on 16 to 19 June. Organized by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the symposium will focus on new and environmentally friendly alternative solutions to connect extreme strait crossings. Impacts to social development, environment, total energy consumption, and traffic safety issues will also be examined.