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December 2013

Engineering News Record California Best Projects 2013 Award – Sage Creek High School, Carlsbad

BergerABAM and Balfour Beatty Construction were honored this year for the Sage Creek High School project by ENR California magazine. Opened on 25 October 2013, the 57-acre hillside school campus for the Carlsbad Unified School District included an athletic stadium, ball fields, a gymnasium, 42 classrooms, 6 science labs, a library, food services, a fine arts building, parking, and administrative support structures.

Innovation in Using Precast, Prestressed Concrete for Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tanks

Cutaway section at the base of a composite concrete cryogenic LNG storage system. Precast concrete walls are used for both the primary and secondary containment. The annular space between the primary and secondary containment walls is filled with loose perlite insulation. Note: LNG = liquefied natural gas. 1 mm = 0.0394 in.

As the world’s energy consumption moves toward the use of natural gas rather than coal and oil, transporting large amounts of natural gas is increasingly important because of the increased demand for this type of fuel. An efficient way of transporting large quantities of natural gas, if pipeline is not available, is to transform it into a liquid for storage and shipment to various destination around the world.

One of the difficulties of transporting natural gas is precisely because it is a gas or “vapor.” Because gasses are less dense than liquids or solids, they occupy more volume than either of the other two substance phases. For instance, a quart of steam (water vapor) will transition into a much smaller amount of water once cooled into a liquid.