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January 2014

Photovoltaic Panels – Reaching for Grid Parity

Panoramic view of the Kapex Solar Photovoltaic array in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

As concern increases about pollution and the rising cost of fossil-fuel energy, people are searching for alternative energy sources that are both clean and cost-effective. The most common way of generating alternative energy is from solar—or “photovoltaic”—silicon panels. Solar power is becoming increasingly more affordable as the technology advances and manufacturing processes have improved to make less expensive, but more powerful, solar panels. As more companies have entered the highly competitive international alternative energy marketplace, the cost of producing solar panels has decreased, with a corresponding reduction in price.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: 10 January 2014

If every American home replaced just one incandescent bulb with an Energy Star CFL, enough energy would be saved to light 3 million homes for a year.

The New Year is a time to reflect on wanted or needed changes for the coming year. This year, resolve to reduce energy consumption. Most experts believe the Earth is showing real signs of climate change. These changes impact animal population, food and water supplies, and health and basic human needs. More than one million species of animals face extinction by 2050 due to climate change.

Cut Your Energy Costs Day, on 10 January 2014, is all about using less electricity and helping the environment. Simple changes like turning off lights when leaving a room or replacing regular incandescent bulbs and fixtures with Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) can cut lighting costs.