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March 2014

WSPE’s Professional Engineer of the Year: Bob Mast

Bob Mast is best known by concrete design practitioners as the person that derived and codified the concept of shear friction.

Bob Mast, PE, SE, BergerABAM senior principal, has been named Washington Society of Professional Engineers - Professional Engineer of the Year for 2014 by the Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC) at the 56th Annual PSEC Engineering Awards Banquet held on 15 February 2014 in Seattle, Washington. This prestigious award is given to recognize many years of skillful engineering work; dedication to the highest ethical standards; contributions in advancing the state-of-the-art of civil and structural engineering; and lifelong service to the profession, community, state, and the nation.

Bob’s long history of engineering contributions spans more than a few decades. The “M” in BergerABAM, Bob has been with the company for 55 years, serving as president from 1972 to 1985, subsequently as chairman, and now as senior principal.

Gardens that Help Heal

Water features are often incorporated into healing gardens due to their calming effects. The cool, soothing sound of water is beneficial to patients and the elements of sight, sound, and touch are important to the healing process.

Though most everyone enjoys a beautiful garden, what specifically is a healing garden? According to environmental psychologist, Roger Ulrich, PhD, of Texas A&M University’s director for the Center for Health Systems and Design, a healing garden “should have therapeutic or beneficial effects on the great majority of its users.”

An old concept for new medicine, healing gardens are being incorporated into landscape planning for an increasing number of clinics and hospitals.