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February 2015

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Retrofitting an occupied facility can be especially challenging in elderly care facilities where patient care is a top priority.

The main challenge of retrofitting an occupied facility is determining how to complete the project while ensuring minimal interruptions to daily operations. This applies to all types of facilities, but it is most pronounced in health care facilities, where daily operations mean providing care for those most vulnerable.

Reinventing the Multiway Boulevard at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

As part of JBLM’s overall vision for the city, the downtown portion of Pendleton Avenue was transformed into a “great street” — a multiway boulevard—one of only two such boulevards that currently exist in the state of Washington.

With over 87,000 acres in the Puget Sound region, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is one of the largest military bases in the country. Pendleton Avenue, a previous farm-to-market road, is the main thoroughfare that connects the core downtown region of JBLM to the surrounding industrial, retail, commercial, medical, and housing areas of the base. As part of JBLM’s overall vision, the downtown portion of Pendleton Avenue was transformed beyond a traditional roadway widening project into a grand multiway boulevard.