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November 2015

Envision a Sustainable Project…with an Envision Sustainability Professional

Public agencies across the country are using and requesting Envision in their request for proposals and qualifications and as funding criteria. Having Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP) on staff can help meet these requirements, as well as help define a project’s influence on the environmental, social, and economic impacts throughout the life of a project.

Winning for Sustainability: Pendleton Avenue Widening and Multiway Boulevard Project

Multiway boulevards help to balance the increasing demands of roadways, parking, pedestrian amenities, bicycle access, business/retail access, and the environment.

Inspired by multiway boulevards from Paris, Italy, to California, the Pendleton Avenue Widening and Multiway Boulevard project is one of only two multiway boulevards that currently exist in the state of Washington. The project is over 7,100 linear feet of roadway improvements and is center stage for a beautifully landscaped corridor reminiscent of European grand boulevards of past and present.