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May 2017

Envision Training Workshops Equip Industry Professionals to Plan Projects with Sustainability in Mind

Amanda Schweickert (standing) conducts the TEACHawaii Envision training workshop in Oahu, Hawaii.

On 28 February 2017, BergerABAM conducted the TEACHawaii Envision training workshop in Oahu, Hawaii. This was the first Envision workshop to take place in Hawaii where 26 industry professionals received training to earn the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential. An alternative to the online training program, the in-person training participants at the TEACHawaii workshop included staff from regional public agencies, such as the U.S. Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Hawaii; and the Hawaii Department of Transportation, with the majority of participants from local private firms. Amanda Schweickert, PE, ENV SP, BergerABAM project engineer and Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI)-approved Envision trainer, facilitated the full-day (8 hours) workshop.

CARMATRIX – A Parking Solution for Urban Living

Automated parking systems are on the rise, making it possible for city dwellers to have their cars—and park them too. Designed with space efficiency in mind and to allow high-density parking in urban residential buildings, automated parking systems can triple the capacity of traditional parking garages by “stacking” cars one on top of another. Many brands of automated parking systems exist, and they all eliminate the need for parking attendants or valets.