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August 2017

Carlos Ospina Appointed to ACI 318 Committee

Carlos Ospina, BergerABAM vice president

Carlos E. Ospina, vice president, head of the International Ports and Terminal Department and Houston branch office manager, was recently appointed full voting member of the main American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318 Committee. The ACI 318 Committee develops and maintains the “ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete,” which provides minimum requirements necessary to provide public health and safety for the design and construction of structural concrete buildings in the United States. The ACI 318 Code influences structural concrete building design codes worldwide.

Supporting Military Personnel at Camp Pendleton Day

Ruba Zumut, BergerABAM vice president, gives presentation about the firm.

On Thursday, 15 June, the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) San Diego and Orange County Posts hosted the 12th Annual Camp Pendleton Day at the Pacific Views Event Center. Camp Pendleton Day serves as an educational and networking event attended by members of the military, members of local government, professionals in the private industry, and other interested parties. BergerABAM was a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at the event.

The Rosetta Canyon Sports Park Dreams Extreme

Park includes state-of-the-art baseball fields.

Rosetta Canyon Sports Park is a much-anticipated and long-awaited, multipurpose outdoor recreation park that provides the local and surrounding community with a modern and high-quality action sports park capable of attracting national and regional baseball and softball tournaments to the city.

The park, initially an 8-acre community park, was redeveloped to maximize use of all 21.6 acres that the park was zoned for. The baseball fields were designed in an innovative star pattern with home plate for each field closest to the center, allowing for five games to be played simultaneously. In the center of the star is a two-story concession stand, giving fans a 360-degree unobstructed view of all five fields.