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Envision Training Workshops Equip Industry Professionals to Plan Projects with Sustainability in Mind

Amanda Schweickert (standing) conducts the TEACHawaii Envision training workshop in Oahu, Hawaii.

On 28 February 2017, BergerABAM conducted the TEACHawaii Envision training workshop in Oahu, Hawaii. This was the first Envision workshop to take place in Hawaii where 26 industry professionals received training to earn the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential. An alternative to the online training program, the in-person training participants at the TEACHawaii workshop included staff from regional public agencies, such as the U.S. Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Hawaii; and the Hawaii Department of Transportation, with the majority of participants from local private firms. Amanda Schweickert, PE, ENV SP, BergerABAM project engineer and Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI)-approved Envision trainer, facilitated the full-day (8 hours) workshop.

CARMATRIX – A Parking Solution for Urban Living

Automated parking systems are on the rise, making it possible for city dwellers to have their cars—and park them too. Designed with space efficiency in mind and to allow high-density parking in urban residential buildings, automated parking systems can triple the capacity of traditional parking garages by “stacking” cars one on top of another. Many brands of automated parking systems exist, and they all eliminate the need for parking attendants or valets.

Revitalized Quay Plays a Key Role for Offshore Oil Industry

Brighton Port’s Berth 2 facilitates launch of Juniper offshore platform in La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago.

In January 2017, British Petroleum (BP) launched its Juniper platform towards the southeast coast of Trinidad, which is part of a $2 billion venture and one of BP’s largest start-up projects in 2017. The platform topside, fabricated in La Brea, Trinidad (44 meters tall and weighing approximately 4,600 metric tons), was launched over the reconstructed Berth 2 at Brighton Port designed by BergerABAM. The entire launch event was highly covered in local and international media. Similar offshore platform modules are expected to be launched in the future.

“Stay a Day or Stay Forever” – The City of Bothell Revitalizes Main Street

Pictured from left to right are Tris Samberg, Mick Caplis, James McNeal, Davina Duerr, Andy Rheaume, Greg Armstrong, Nancy Pipinich, and Nduta Mbuthia at the Main Street Enhancement groundbreaking ceremony.

“Stay a day or stay forever” was the opening remark the morning of 4 April 2017 at Bothell’s groundbreaking ceremony to kick off construction of their Main Street Enhancement project.

City of Bothell officials, staff, and the community gathered on its main street to celebrate the latest milestone of the $7 million downtown revitalization project. The mayor of Bothell, Andy Rheaume, asked business owners and residents for patience as construction descends on its two main street avenues (101st and 102nd) for the next seven months. The revitalization project will update the over 100-year-old road—and home to quaint diners and shops reminiscent of the era—by reconstructing the roadways, sidewalks, and utilities. Signature features of the enhancement project will be the integrated public gathering spaces, wider pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, new bicycle paths and storage, and safer and easier access to local businesses.

Boeing North Bridge Project is a Winner

Boeing uses the bridge to tow 737 airplanes from their Renton assembly plant to the flight line at the Renton Airport.

On Friday, 3 March 2017, BergerABAM’s Boeing North Bridge project was awarded the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) “Best Special Solution” award in its Transportation category. Presented at the PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference (8 February to 4 March 2017) in Cleveland, Ohio, the award highlights those projects that use innovative solutions to meet the challenge of unique structures.

Port of Toledo Haul-out Pier – Growing the Local Economy

The Port of Toledo boatyard improvements and haul-out pier project is an excellent example of design and construction efficiency.

The Port of Toledo—the port authority for Toledo, Oregon—serves an area that includes the small cities of Toledo (population 3,462) and Siletz (population 1,212), as well as a large area of unincorporated Lincoln County, with facilities located along the Yaquina River. While many small towns have struggled and been left behind as the economy has improved, the Port made the positive move to obtain a ConnectOregon grant to improve their infrastructure and increase their variety of services to develop and sustain the area’s economy.

Building a Bridge with Middle Schoolers

Markus Wernli explains bridge beam deflection design to students at Washington Middle School.

BergerABAM was proud to support the third annual SAME STEM Fair at Washington Middle School in Seattle, Washington, on 10 February 2017. Washington Middle School hosts the annual event to expose students to the engineering industry through presentations and hands-on learning activities.

Public Private Partnerships Are a Win-Win for Ports

Scott Keillor (center) with Chester Manaea and Falenaoti Loi-On, of American Samoa Department of Port Administration, at the APP 2017 Winter Conference in Maui.

The Association of Pacific Ports (APP) 2017 Winter Conference was held 11 to 13 January at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii. The conference provided seminars and open forum discussions on current port industry topics, such as port litigation, media perception, technological advancements, economic trade forecasts, and more.

Duportail Bridge: Defining the Term for the City of Richland

The bridge will include two vehicle travels lanes in each direction with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on each side.

The people of Richland knew what they wanted. A bridge. An uncomplicated kind of bridge.

Richland is in need of a link, connecting the patchwork of commerce, transportation, and access between two adjacent neighborhoods. Their solution? A concrete structure, connecting existing roadways, parks, and commerce on both sides of the Yakima River.

Envision…the Past Year in Review

Have you noticed over the past year the number of clients and projects requiring sustainable infrastructure solutions? This growing shift to cost-effective and resilient projects that support a community’s economic and infrastructure needs is confirmed by the increased practice and credentialing in Envision, a guidance and rating tool for sustainable infrastructure.