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Straightedge: the BergerABAM blog

Preserving the Historic Portal Way/Dakota Creek Bridge

The Portal Way/Dakota Bridge is critical to the mobility of freight into Canada in case of an emergency shutdown of Interstate 5.

Originally constructed in 1928, the Dakota Creek Bridge is a two-lane, 335-foot-long bridge just south of Blaine in Whatcom County, Washington. It was part of the old Pacific Highway, which was regarded as the most important north-south highway in Washington at the time, connecting from the Oregon border up to Canada.

Railroad Grade Separations Receive Project of the Year Award

Protected sidewalks provided pedestrian access.

The American Public Works Association (APWA) will honor City of Yakima and BergerABAM with a national Public Works Project of the Year Award for completing two complex railroad grade separations in downtown Yakima (one of the oldest, original railroad town of Washington State). The awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 2016 PWX Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is scheduled for Monday, 29 August, at 5 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Connections - Bicycle and Pedestrian

Port of Vancouver Multimodal Trail designed by BergerABAM and funded by WSDOT, Vancouver, Washington.

How we travel from one place to another has been a hot topic in Clark County, Washington, for many years. Most of us can agree on some aspects of the question. BergerABAM Landscape Architect Juanita Rogers chairs the Clark Communities Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. She recently briefed the Washington State Transportation Commission about what the committee is doing to educate adults about biking and walking—she has found that kids (including her own three boys) are already pretty well tuned in.

BergerABAM Announces Department Transitions

Joe Stockwell and Carlos Ospina transition to leading the Waterfront and International Ports and Terminals Departments.

BergerABAM is pleased to announce the transition of Joe Stockwell to department head of the firm’s Waterfront Department and Carlos Ospina to department head of the firm’s International Ports and Terminals (IPT) Department.

Stockwell succeeds Elmer Ozolin, who has led the Waterfront Department for the past 11 years. Ospina succeeds V.K. Kumar, who has led the IPT Department for the past 16 years. Both Ozolin and Kumar will continue with the firm in a supporting role providing focused client and project management.

Water Conservation Landscape Planning – Getting Smarter about Water Use

Dry stream bed landscape featuring a combination of rock mulch, cobbles, and boulders for low maintenance and visual appeal.

The purpose of water conservation studies is to formulate fundamental landscape strategies specific to a particular site by recommending improvements and practices that will change how water is being used at that location. When implemented, these strategies ultimately can improve operational efficiency of the facilities at the site.

Working in partnership with Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW) Desert Integrated Product Team Asset Management Branch, BergerABAM prepared water conservation landscape planning studies for six Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC) in three southwest states, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. The water conservation plans provide the background, analysis, and framework for future final design and the preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the NOSC facilities.

Newforma at BergerABAM

Rebuilding and Strengthening Whole Communities, One Home at a Time

Over 30 ASCE members volunteered to renovate this home.

There are over 37,000 low-income homeowners in the Seattle, Washington, area that struggle to afford necessary home repairs. The hazards of living in these homes threaten their individual and family health and safety each day. On 30 April 2016, the Seattle Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) partnered with a local nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together, to renovate an over 100-year-old home on Fremont Avenue, north of Seattle, for disabled Navy veteran, Dale Weston. Dale has been living in the home for over 14 years.

The Longest Floating Bridge in the World is Now Open!

Over 50,000 people visited the floating bridge at the grand opening.

At 7,710 feet long, the new State Route 520 (SR 520) bridge in Seattle, Washington, is the longest floating bridge in the world. In recognition of this incredible project achievement that involved the support of many design and construction firms, the Washington State Department of Transportation hosted a grand opening celebration for the public on 2 and 3 April.

The César E. Chávez Campus—Modern, Innovative, Functional, and Award-Winning

The new Cesar Chavez campus serves twice as many students as the original campus.

The new César Chávez campus is a refreshing addition to the Barrio Logan community, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego, California—that is also rich in history and culture. Although its architecture conveys a modern look that offers a sense of revitalization to the community, aesthetic components were incorporated into the César Chávez building’s design that stay true to all that Barrio Logan represents.