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Comprehensive Planning and Code Development

BergerABAM has successfully completed ordinance revision and comprehensive plan development projects for many jurisdictions throughout the Pacific Northwest. Staff members have expertise in both current and long-range planning for local, county, and regional agencies. BergerABAM advises local governments on current planning issues, such as zoning, annexation, ordinance revisions, and related land use issues. To assist local governments, the firm draws on in-house expertise in areas, such as environment, transportation, and strategic planning. Staff members also have outstanding experience working with citizens and staff from local governments and agencies to facilitate long-range planning, explore issues of growth, and propose policy recommendations for governing bodies to address development pressures as the landscape changes from rural to urban land uses.

BergerABAM staff members have the qualifications necessary to understand and work successfully within today's complex regulatory environment to satisfy the jurisdiction's need for clear regulation, as well as the public's need for involvement and explanation.