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Schnitzer Steel Seawall Replacement

Tacoma, Washington

BergerABAM served as designer for the design/build team to refurbish this scrap steel facility. Design challenges included accommodating the effects of very large operating loads. The whirley crane imparted much larger loads to the wharf than typical container cranes because of its self-weight. The bulkhead also had to withstand higher than usual lateral pressure due to the surcharge from large piles of scrap metal in close proximity.BergerABAM's marine structure experts adapted standard marine structural components to withstand the heavier loads and impacts from the scrap processing operation to provide an economical and quickly constructed facility.

As part of the environmental cleanup efforts of the Hylebos Waterway, BergerABAM developed an environmental cap to contain the contaminated sediments. The sediment cap was a multilayered system that included geotextile fabric over the sediments with a filter blanket and riprap top layer. Follow-on work included monitoring of sediment cap performance.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Design/Build Team Member
  • Seawall Design
  • Wharf Design
  • Crane Beam Design
  • Fender System Design
  • Slope Protection/Sediment Cap Design
  • Construction Support and Sediment Cap Inspection
  • Sediment Cap Surveys
Project Details: