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Seattle Terminal

Seattle, Washington

A large portion of the Colman dock terminal consists of a timber deck and timber piles. These piles are under continuous attack from marine borers, requiring frequent maintenance and replacement, complicated by 24-hour terminal operations that cannot be interrupted.

The terminal is also located in a highly earthquake-prone region, and both the existing deck and building have severe structural deficiencies under earthquake conditions.

BergerABAM's waterfront design team provided the client with a conceptual design that met modern earthquake guidelines and resulted in maximum long-term value, while minimizing disruptions to facility operations during construction.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Investigation and Assessment of Existing Structures
  • Demolition Planning
  • Geotechnical Assistance and Coordination
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Phasing Plans
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Coordination with Related Projects
Project Details: