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Concrete Island Drilling Structure

Tsu, Japan

BergerABAM developed and monitored an effective construction quality assur-ance plan for the Super Concrete Island Drilling System (CIDS), allowing the project to be constructed on a very short schedule. Retained as construction was beginning, BergerABAM immediately sent key personnel to the construction site in Japan for the duration of the construction activity. BergerABAM's ability to quickly determine critical needs, identify problems, and work with contractors allowed the development and implementation of a complete quality assurance and control program. This program helped to guide overall construction activities and assured compliance with standards set by the American Bureau of Shipping and U.S. Coast Guard, thus preventing costly construction rework and delays.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • On-Site Quality Assurance
  • Design Confirmation Review
  • Construction Support
Project Details: