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Clark County On-Call Environmental Analysis and Regulatory Compliance Services

Clark County, Washington

In the course of providing on-call environmental analysis and regulatory compliance services to Clark County, BergerABAM typically evaluates and analyzes the issues related to wetland and aquatic habitat that are involved in permitting capital improvement and maintenance projects. Staff conducts wetland delineations and functional assessments; analyzes and evaluates wetland impacts and how they can be reduced; calculates mitigation debt; prepares mitigation plans; and secures federal, state, and local project permits. Under this on-call contract, BergerABAM was called on to conduct similar work on a wide variety of projects, including Ward Road improvements, Daybreak Bridge paint and scour, Lucia Falls Bridge scour, and Northeast 81st Street Bridge improvements.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Federal, State, and Local Environmental and Land Use Permits
  • Wetland Studies
  • Habitat Studies