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Northeast 152nd Avenue Stormwater Rehabilitation

Clark County, Washington

Once open fields, the area around the Northeast 152nd Avenue stormwater facility had become a suburban neighborhood. Stormwater runoff had increased and Clark County wanted to upgrade the facility to improve stormwater treatment and detention. BergerABAM managed the rehabilitation design, delineated wetlands, and designed mitigation. A biological assessment was prepared to comply with the Endangered Species Act and BergerABAM also provided environmental input into the stormwater design so that the renovated facility would comply with the County code. The redesign will reduce peak flows, downstream erosion, and habitat degradation. The wetland creation and enhancement that are part of the mitigation plan include native wetland and upland buffer plants to enhance water quality, hydrology control, and habitat functions.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Federal, State, and Local Environmental Permits
  • Wetland Delineation Report
  • Wetland Mitigation Plan Report
  • No-Effect Letter Biological Assessment