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Interstate 5/State Route 502 Interchange Alternatives and Corridor Study

Ridgefield, Washington

For easier north/south travel, areas in northern Clark County needed improved access to Interstate 5. Working for the Washington State Department of Transportation, BergerABAM's natural resources team delineated wetlands and determined alignment impacts, collected natural resources information, and conducted a tree assessment for the proposed interchange. Staff also delineated the ordinary high water mark along area streams. Potential impacts were summarized in a technical report, and a biological assessment was prepared focusing on the effects of the preferred alternative on federal threatened and endangered species and critical and suitable habitat. Staff also assisted the preparation of the environmental assessment.

With the project now under construction, BergerABAM is handling natural resources tasks related to widening the State Route 502 corridor, including preparing the discipline report for a National Environmental Policy Act environmental assessment, developing a biological assessment, and evaluating indirect effects.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Federal and State Environmental Permitting and Documentation
  • Biological Assessment and Formal Consultation for Endangered Species Act Compliance
  • Plant, Fish, and Wildlife Habitat Assessment
  • Biology Discipline Report and Documentation