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Esther Short Subarea Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

Vancouver, Washington

This 6-year strategy revitalized a 30-block area of downtown Vancouver and has helped produce almost $300 million in projects completed, under construction, or in the planning stages. BergerABAM's involvement started with a land use analysis for subarea and redevelopment planning for five City of Vancouver-owned parcels and the surrounding 25-block area. The analysis identified opportunities and constraints for public/private development partnerships. Staff prepared the policy analysis section of the subarea plan, drafted a planned action ordinance integrating Washington's State Environmental Policy Act and Growth Management Act, and successfully represented the plan at public hearings. BergerABAM later led completion of an environmental impact statement that involved land use and environmental analyses, as well as coordination with subcontractors on other analyses. BergerABAM's latest work on behalf of the Esther Short subarea entailed developing the Vancouver City Center Vision, which built on the success of the Esther Short Subarea Plan and developed a strategy for all of downtown Vancouver (a 2-square-mile area) over the next 6 years.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Subarea Planning
  • Public Involvement
  • Planning Commission and City Council Hearings