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High Capacity Transit Expert Review Panel

Vancouver, Washington

BergerABAM supported a five-member panel of independent, nationally recognized high capacity transit experts by providing process design, meeting facilitation, logistical support for panel meetings, and report writing assistance. State law requires an expert review of high capacity transit plans, such as the light rail and bus rapid transit systems planned in the City of Vancouver. Over the panel’s compressed three-month service, BergerABAM public involvement staff guided the compliance of the project with state law, administered panel activities, managed four days of public meetings, designed and hosted a project website, handled media relations (including an introductory op-ed piece), coordinated a webinar for panel members to deliberate on their findings, and designed and produced the panel’s final findings and recommendations report for submittal to the Governor’s office and legislative committees.

Services Provided by BergerABAM: 
  • Design of Process
  • Panel Facilitation
  • Meeting Management
  • Media Relations
  • Document Management
  • Website Design and Management